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Sign up for the Triple Cities Runners Club news group at Yahoo Groups. This forum is useful for posting late-breaking news and club information and for discussion of topics that interest members. When you join or subscribe, you will receive email messages, if you choose, or can read the messages on-line. Only those who join can post messages for the group.

Before you can be added to the group, you must provide your name to the moderator. This requirement is intended to reduce the likelihood that spammers or commercial interests will get into the group. Please include your name when you request membership in the TCRC group. If you don't include your name, the moderator will email you and ask for it.

To join the group with full access to photos and files posted there, you need a Yahoo ID and password. If you don't already have one, you will be given a chance to get one after clicking on the button.

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If don't want to get a Yahoo user-id right now, you can still subscribe (ability to receive messages and post notes). Enter your e-mail and use this button. You still must be approved by the moderator.

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