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The purpose of the TCRC is to promote and support all avenues of running in our local area, and be a driving force in helping our running community to be united, strong, and continue to grow. We welcome runners of ALL abilities, whether you are a competitive racer, run for fitness, seasoned veteran, or just beginning; we are here to support everyone. As a member of TCRC, you will be part of that community, help support the club's efforts, and enjoy the camaraderie of other club members and local runners, group runs, workouts, races, special events, and more!

As a club, we are honored to play a role in improving our community. Previous years saw classic races, like the Vestal XX, Forks XV, as well as the Tom Hamlin January Freeze 10k Series, Pete Keyes Turkey Trot, RRCA Women's Distance Festival, the Beers and Beasts 8k and new fun-runs like the Leftovers run. Our Members got together to run at group runs, drink at social events, and support each other on their running journies, no matter where those journies took them. Our club also uses funds to give out up to $10,000 in scholarships, shoes to youth runners with financial need, as well as money to assist the Binghamton University Running Club, the Special Olympics, the Square Deal Invitational, and Local Animal Organizations. We also gave back to the community through volunteer opportunities at races, the Special Olympics, and many other events.

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TCRC Turkey Trot

You can join/rejoin the TCRC now for the current running season. Enjoy the benefits that include a free pancake breakfast,  you can run the January Freeze 10K's for free, attendance to our social event, discounts for some of our TCRC races, free entry for all TCRC summer workouts at Maine Endwell track, discount on our Annual dinner and best of all the camaraderie of other runners in our community.

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