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The TCRC Grand Prix

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The TCRC Grand Prix is free and open to all current members of the club, who have joined by April 1st, 2024. Each year the Grand Prix begins anew with the January Freeze 10K and ends with the Turkey Trot 5M.


Below you will find more information about the Grand Prix Races. Grand Prix standings are computed from the official results of each Grand Prix race.

Completing the Grand Prix

Updated rules are affective for the 2024 Grand Prix Series


Runners must Run 7 races and Volunteer Once to complete the Grand Prix and be considered for awards.  The top 7 races will be scored and play a role in awards.  New for 2024, the Bridge Run Half and Bridge Run 5k Will count as two separate races and the Noah Farrelley 5k and 10k will count as separate races. So a runner that runs both the 5k and the half at Bridge Run will get two completed races and will be scored for both.


Volunteer Requirements

All runners must submit a volunteer requirement to Greg Amend to complete the Grand Prix. The volunteer requirement can be met at any time during the calendar year. The volunteer work must include a task that is assigned by the race director and necessary for the operation of the race. The deadline for submittal is January 15th, 2025! Submissions after this date will not be accepted.


Names, Ages, and Gender

For awards and scoring purposes, ages will be based on your age as of January 1, 2024. For the purposes of Gender, your gender will be the one on your TCRC membership as of April 1st, 2024.

To reduce possible scoring errors, participants are encouraged to always use the same name when they sign up for a race. For example, just use either Mike or Michael, but not both versions throughout the season.

Completing the Grand Prix

Scoring and Awards

Awards and Age Groups

Runners who complete the Grand Prix will receive a finisher's memento, plus we will have awards in the following categories:

  • M/F/Nonbinary Open (All Ages)

  • M/F/Nonbinary Masters (40 and Over)

  • M/F/Nonbinary Veterans (50 and Over)

  • M/F/Nonbinary Youth (18 & Under)

  • Age Group Categories: (Will receive recognition at the banquet)

    • 18 & Under

    • 19-29

    • 30-39

    • 40-49

    • 50-59

    • 60-69

    • 70+

The awards will be given in the order listed: Open, Masters, Veterans, and Youth. There will be no duplicate awards.

*For awards and scoring purposes, ages will be based on your age as of January 1, 2024 and your Gender will be based on your membership as of April 1, 2024.


Scoring Points

A "performance factor" will be used to determine standings. The points will be computed from a formula based on world records as of January 2003.


If a runner runs a world record for the distance, he or she will receive approximately 1000 points.

Runners will be scored using the charts below.  Nonbinary runners will be scored using the women's table. To determine your PF, see the women's table or men's table.


For further details and a discussion of the justification for the PF in the Grand Prix, please see TCRC Grand Prix - Performance Factor

Award winners will be determined using the sum of performance factors. Each individual's score will use his or her highest seven performance factors. Chip times will be used for race scoring, In-person results only!

Scoring and Awards
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