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'24 Election Results

Congratulations to our Newly Elected 2024-2025 TCRC Board and Officers!

First a big thank you to all who turned out to run for a board seat. We thank you for your dedication and assistance to the club!

Reelected to the board were Raymond Fryc, Kat Hores, and Chris McManus.

The board also voted for its 2024-2025 Officers! Congratulation to President: Raymond Fryc, Vice President: Kat Hores, Secretary: Grace Tabeek and Treasurer: Chris McManus!

Thus the current full board consists of:

Raymond Fryc, Kat Hores, Grace Tabeek, Chris McManus, Emily Gunther, Dan Dougherty, Kevin Pasterchik, Vince Fox, Susan Cain, David Fellows, Jason Palmer, Sarah Kane, and Eric Purdy.


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