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Congratulations to our Newly Elected 2021-2022 TCRC Board and Officers.

First a big thank you to all who turned out to run for a board seat and those that came to vote and listen at the meeting! You made this our Largest Zoom Meeting so far!

At last night's Board Meeting, Raymond Fryc and Kat Hores were both re-elected to the board and Chris McManus was Newly elected to a board seat. They will serve on the board for the next 3 years! Kevin Pasterchik was also elected to fill a partial 2-year board seat that was vacated due to a resignation.

The board also voted for its 2021-2022 Officers! Congratulation to President Raymond Fryc, Vice President Kat Hores, Secretary Grace Hartmann Tabeek, and Treasurer Ken Burt. All were re-elected for another year in office.

Thus the current full board consists of; Raymond Fryc, Kat Hores, Grace Tabeek, Ken Burt, Sue Cain, Jennifer Woltjen, Vince Fox, Kevin Pasterchik, Chris McManus, Dave Fellows, Dan Dougherty, Mike Thompson, and Betsy Welch!


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