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Grand Prix Results Update #3

The current scores for the Grand Prix including the January Freeze, St. Pats 4 Miler, Forks XV, Bridge Run Half/5k, Noah Farrelly 5k/10k, Vestal XX, 4 on the 4th, Kelly LaBare, TCRC Track meets and Women's Distance Festival are now up on our website:

Please remember!! You must Volunteer in order to be eligible! To submit a volunteering requirement please email Greg Amend <>!

Current Leaders are (If Volunteering is submitted):

Female Masters - Christine Marchuska (4249 pts)

Female Open - Emily Gunther (5277 pts)

Female Veteran - Kathy Purtell (3723 pts)

Female Youth - Madison Buckley (2096 pts)

Male Master - Jordan Varano (5301 pts)

Male Open - Thomas Cummings (5153 pts)

Male Veteran - Steve Camissa (4515 pts)

Male Youth - Zachary Frye (2931 pts)

Thanks as always to Greg Amend for scoring the Grand Prix!

Keep on racing! Remember to complete the grand prix and score yourself an awesome BOCO Hat, you need to complete 7 races! Up next on the list are the King and Queen of Beer tree Mountain, the Halloween 13k, and the Pete Keyes Turkey Trot to finish out the year!


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