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Important January Freeze Race 2 -1/15/22 Update!

Hello all! Unfortunately, the weather for this weekend is looking dangerously cold! Although this is called the January Freeze and cold temperatures are expected, we need to consider the safety of our runners, volunteers, and timers in these extreme conditions.

So on that note, we will be canceling the Freeze for this weekend.

Per RRCA guidelines, "When to Cancel/Postpone/Modify a Road Race due to Adverse Weather Condition.... Extreme cold. When the combined temperature and wind chill is below 5F, there is the risk of flesh freezing and hypothermia." During the race, we are expecting windchills between -15 and -20F.

We are considering adding a second date in February, but remember that we have already opened Race 5 on 2/5 for those that wish to run! We will keep everyone updated.

Thanks for understanding and stay warm!


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