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TCRC attends Synergy's Running into 2021 Seminar

The TCRC was honored to attend Synergy's Running Seminar and set up a table with free Swag! TCRC President Raymond Fryc and TCRC Vice President Kat Hores were available for questions along with Board Member Chris McManus.

Special thanks to race directors Grace Tabeek and Sue Cain for providing the swag and Synergy for providing free tickets to our members!

Presentations including talks from Synergy Athletics, Confluence Running, and more

Proper Running Equipment - a discussion on the different types of shoes that are out there and proper use for the activity you choose, the differences between support shoes and neutral shoes and why it is important, along with the positive and negative impacts proper or improper shoes can have on the body.

Chris Cowden - Confluence

Strength Training for the Runner - Strength training can be beneficial for athletes of all levels, sport, and disciplines. It is important due to the many benefits it can coincide with such as increase performance, stronger stride, decrease risk of injury, etc.. There is a certain approach to strength training for runners that should be taken to best benefit them and not hinder performance. In this presentation, we will cover talking points on frequency, intensity, timing, and programming for strength training in runners.

Bryon Palmer - Synergy Athletics

Programming for the Runner - a discussion on the importance of proper training for your current fitness, fitting it to your goal, along with finding the correct training volume to have the best possible results.

Chris Cowden - Confluence

Nutrition for Endurance Athletes - a discussion basic nutritional guidelines for endurance athletes, pre/intra/post workout/event nutrition (short/moderate distance, and long distance;marathon/tri-athlete) and carbohydrate loading for events

Kyle VanAuken - Synergy Athletics

Joint Health and Recovery for the Runner - a discussion on joint health and proper recovery during/after training and races.

Southern Tier Physical Therapy


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