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TCRC Scholarship Night

On July 9th the TCRC hosted our annual scholarship award night! 16 students were honored with scholarships totaling $15,500 for the evening!

Congratulations to all our winners! We were so impressed with your accomplishments!

Good luck with your future plans!

The Scholarship Recipients were:

  • Collin Gibb, Binghamton HS

  • August Guba, Binghamton HS

  • Josiah Sierra, Binghamton HS 

  • Conway Mallory, Chenango Forks HS

  • Eleanor Lees, Delaware Academy

  • Andrew Putnam, Ithaca HS

  • Isabella Cobb, Johnson City HS

  • Aiden Loy, Maine Endwell HS

  • JT Burke, Susquehanna Community Schools

  • Madison Buckley, Union Endicott HS

  • Dakota Limbert, Union Endicott HS

  • Joshua Mayer, Union Endicott HS

  • Ella Colemna, Vestal HS

  • Frank Consolazio, Vestal HS

  • Zachary Frye, Vestal HS

  • David Tupy, Whitney Point HS

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