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The TCRC Grand Prix Returns!

It's Back!

The TCRC Grand Prix has returned for 2022 with more races than ever before!

Your Top 7 Races will be scored and you must complete 7 races to receive a finisher's item!

The 2022 Races are:

1. Tom Hamlin Jan Freeze - Best Time

2. St Patrick's Day 4 Miler

3. Forks XV

4. Bridge Run Half or 5k

5. Noah Farrelly 5k or 10k

6. Vestal XX

7. 4 on the 4th

8. TCRC Track 1 Mile - Best Time

9. TCRC Track 2 Mile - Best Time

* Youth only - 400 and 800m - Best Time

10. Kelly LaBare 5k

11. Women's Distance Festival

12. King and Queen of Beer Tree Mountain

13. Halloween 13k - 13K Only

14. Pete Keyes Turkey Trot

All participants in the Grand Prix must be a member by 4/1/22

Scoring will be done based on a Performance Factor and must come from official results from in-person racing only.

You must also submit one qualifying Volunteering session by 1/15/23!


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