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VESTAL XX 2021 Cancelation

It is with a heavy heart that the TCRC board and Vestal XX Race Directors announce the cancelation of the 2021 Vestal XX Road Race.

Due to ongoing covid restrictions, that are preventing the school district from allowing us to use the grounds for the start/finish as well as running through the grounds, we are not able to hold this year's race.

Although our race directors and board explored other options including moving the start/finish line, changing the course, moving the course entirely, etc. None of these options were feasible or allowed.

The Vestal XX Road Race is more than just a 20K race in the height of summer. It is an experience, a tradition! Changing the course, moving the race to another area, moving it from the summer, or going virtual just doesn't seem to keep with the tradition and history of this race.

We hope our running community understands the months of work that have been put into trying to make this race a reality for this year and we hope to be back in 2022 with a race and party that is worthy of this race's 50th running!


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